International betting recommendation: England VS Romania

Index deep open, three lions victory at home

  International Tournament: England VS Romania

   Competition time: 2021-6-7 Monday 00:00

   Race analysis:

   England will have the last warm-up match before the European Cup this weekend, against Romania at home. England defeated Austria 1-0 in the last warm-up match, but the starting right back Arnold was injured in the game. The season assessment requires a truce for 4-6 weeks. That is to say, Arnold has determined that he missed the European Cup, and Lingard is expected to return from the bench. Romania missed the European Cup this summer. The team lost to Iceland in the first round of the play-offs. This year Romania played 4 international matches and lost all 3 games, including the loss to Georgia in the warm-up match 2 days ago.

Index trend:

Romania has fallen sharply in recent years. With the advantage of England’s home game, it opened the ball in the semi-deep game. Combined with the combination of the European index of 1.265.509.50, there is little suspense for England to win this game. This game is the last warm-up before the European Cup in England. The team will pay more attention and are optimistic about England’s big win in the deep game.

  Recommended Lottery: (-1)3

   Score suggestions: 2-0, 3-0

Recommended by Nikkei B: Kitakyushu Sunflower VS Iwata Yuki

Too good, Iwata Joy is overwhelmed

        Niche B: Kitakyushu Sunflower VS Iwata Yuki

        Competition time: 2021-06-05 Saturday 13:00

        European data: 4.33 3.40 1.85

        Competition analysis:

        At noon on Saturday, the second job continued. Kitakyushu Sunflowers defeated Machida Zawiya in the last round. The team ushered in two consecutive victories in the league. Compared with the previous state, the morale of Kitakyushu Sunflowers is undoubtedly at its peak. There is a three-point gap with the relegation zone. In order to lay a solid foundation for relegation as soon as possible, Kitakyushu Sunflower must continue to widen the gap; Iwata has played well this season. After the team defeated Kanazawa in the last round, the team has scored 7 wins, 2 draws and 1 in the last 10 games. With a negative record, he is currently unbeaten in 6 rounds and his state is quite good. Now Iwata Joy is only 4 points away from the promotion zone. As long as the team continues to work hard, there is still greater hope of entering the promotion zone this season.

SP analysis:

        Asian institutions made a -0.5 concession for Iwata Joy. The initial concession was reasonable. With the market outlook, the organization rose to -0.75 concession, which further enhanced Iwata Joy’s confidence. Because of this, there must be a lot of people supporting the visiting team. It should be noted that after the concession is raised, the visiting team’s water level is not high, which is really abnormal. Now the situation is too good. In addition, Kitakyushu Sunflower beat Iwata Joy in the last home match. This game needs to beware of the Kitakyushu Sunflower upset.

        Score prediction: 2:1 1:1

        Goal prediction: 3 goals/2 goals

        Prediction of Winning and Losing in Sweeping Lottery: 3/1

        Prediction of handicap wins and losses (+1): 3

Recommended by Nikkei B: Kofu Fulin VS Niigata Swan

The recent situation is not bad, Kofu Fenglin is not afraid of swans

        Japanese job second: Kofu Fulin VS Niigata Swan

        Competition time: 2021-06-05 Saturday 13:00

        European data: 2.50 3.00 3.00

        Competition analysis:

        At noon on Saturday, the Japanese vocational second team launched a number of fierce battles. Kofu Fenglin drew with the Kyoto Phoenix in the last round. The team has been unbeaten for 6 consecutive games and is in good overall condition. It is currently ranked 5th in the standings, and it is in the promotion zone. With a difference of 7 points, if the team can continue to maintain this state, Kofu Fenglin still has a lot of hope to enter the promotion zone; after Niigata Swan defeated FC Ryukyu 2-1 in the last round, the team successfully ended the two-game losing streak. In addition, the rival Kyoto Phoenix also suffered a draw in the last round. Now the Xinxie Swans have returned to the top of the list with a goal difference advantage, but if the team is to compete for the championship this season, they must now widen the point difference as soon as possible.

data analysis:

        Due to the recent good state of Kofu Fukien, even if the Niigata Swans were brave in reincarnation last time, the Asian institutions only made tie data for this game. Obviously, the Niigata Swans are still not recognized by the institutions. In addition, in the past confrontations, Kofu Feng Lin has drew the Niigata Swans at home in the last 3 times. In addition, the home team is doing well now. Since the data is not good for the visiting team, this game might be optimistic about Kofu Feng Lin’s unbeaten home game.

        Score recommendation: 0:0 1:0

        Half-time recommendation: draw/tie draw/win win/win

        Winning and losing recommendation: 1/3

        Handicap wins and loses (+1) recommendation: 3