How To Win The Football Lottery: The 50 Tips, Tricks, And Strategies to Win The Football Pool

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1. Bet the Over +120 on every NFL game this season, and get paid to take some risks. Make it a minimum of 4.5 games to hit the over. As a teaser, if you want to hedge a little, you can get paid to bet the UNDER on the first 5 games. If you hit both these limits, you win. The Football Lottery League is a parlay betting contest that pools the best football bets of dozens of leading online bookmakers. This means the best NFL betting experts from across the web each week build our simple, easy-to-follow contest. All you need is a Sportsbook login to place a single bet and you’re good to go.

Bet on Sports, Without the Risk

That’s right! Sports fans, you can earn up to 200% ROI every single week on every parlay bet you place on the most popular sports.

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Beware of Next Week’s Big Winner! But the Ballot is Closed. Although the entire league combined is not yet a million dollars, there are many leaders among the field and some sportsbooks are giving this number as the largest possible winning parlay. There is a small chance the next balloter will have the ability to cast enough exact tiebreakers to swing it back in their favor. This does happen on occasion. The Ballot Click HERE to find your sportsbook and be eligible to enter the Football Lottery. MLB Prediction MLB betting odds are updated daily for this specific game. To get odds, visit Live Odds from Pregame.


If you didn’t already make the decision to make your move, now is the time to decide to do it. There’s never been a better time to join a football pool. Disclosure: Our partners, DraftKings, are listed on this site as well.