International betting recommendation: England VS Austria

Home court advantage, the Three Lions play triumphant song

  International Competition: England VS Austria

   Game time: 2021-6-3 Thursday 03:00

   Race analysis:

   In the early morning of June 3, Beijing time, in preparation for the European Cup, England will have a warm-up match with Austria. England are in Group D in the European Cup, in the same group as Scotland, the Czech Republic and Croatia. In terms of lineup, the seven Chelsea and Manchester City players who participated in the Champions League final are not expected to play. The Austrian European Cup is divided into Group C. The same group includes North Macedonia, the Netherlands and Ukraine. Austria has no problem getting out of this group. Austrian players basically play for the Bundesliga, and they are also a powerful team. Austria has only lost one in the last 9 international matches.

data analysis:

In terms of data in this game, a one-goal set is generally offered, with the European index of 1.494.406.60 combination, the market outlook is stable, and the European index’s real-time average loss and away wins are 4.106.59, and the index continues to rise. It is very difficult to score. England has the advantage of the home game, and the strength is also dominant. It depends on the home team England to win.

  Recommended Lottery: 3

   Score suggestions: 2-0, 2-1