International betting recommendation: Poland VS Russia

Warm-up training, Poland repels Tsarist Russia at home

  International Tournament: Poland VS Russia

   Game time: 2021-6-2 Wednesday 02:45

   Race points:

Poland and Russia are both participating teams in the European Cup. Poland is in Group E, with Spain, Sweden and Slovakia in the same group. The biggest player in Poland is naturally Lewandowski, who plays for Bayern Munich. The Bundesliga shortly after the end broke the Gedmüller league record of 40 goals, Lewandone scored 41 goals to enjoy the Bundesliga record. As the time for the European Cup is relatively close, it is expected to play. Russia is divided into Group B in the European Cup, with Denmark, Belgium and Finland in the same group. Russia’s lineup is basically the efficiency of the Russian Super League, and Russia’s performance of 2 wins and 1 loss in the world preliminaries in March was fair.

   Trend analysis:

   In terms of data, the Polish handicap is generally 0.25 index in this game, and the market outlook rises to a high level. There is not enough confidence in Poland at home. The EU refers to 2.343.303.10, the EU refers to a draw that is too high, but it is not optimistic about the draw. Poland has the advantage of the home game, so you can trust Poland to win this game.

  Recommended Lottery: 3

   Score suggestions: 2-1, 1-0