Japan Vocational League Recommended: Yokohama FCVS Kawasaki Forward

Disparity in strength, Kawasaki striker doubles Yokohama

   Japan Vocational League: Yokohama FCVS Kawasaki Forward

   Game time: 2021-6-2 Wednesday 18:00

   Race analysis:

   The 21st round of the Japan Vocational League played a match ahead of schedule. Yokohama FC played against the Kawasaki forward at home. Yokohama FC is the deputy squad leader of the league. It only scored 1 win, 4 draws and 12 losses in 17 games, scored 12 goals and lost 42 goals. This team has become a popular relegation team. The Kawasaki forward beat Kashima Antlers 2-1 in the league this weekend. In stoppage time, Kobayashi scored a lore goal just as soon as he came on the court. At present, the Kawasaki forward’s points have exceeded the 50-point mark, leading the standings with 16 wins, 4 draws and 52 points. The team is a guest in Yokohama FC, and the Kawasaki forward has no problem with three points.

   Index trend:

After Yokohama FC was promoted to the Japanese Professional League, the Kawasaki forwards lost all three games. They lost 1-3 away in the league a week ago. The index opened the visiting team forward to handicap half/two goals. Due to the dense schedule, the forwards are expected to be the same in this round. In the rotation, the current index is relatively deep, and the forwards in this field have a high probability of winning 2 goals or more.

   Lottery recommendation: (+1) 0

   Score suggestion: 0-2, 0-3