World Preliminary Stakes Recommendation: UAE VS Malaysia

Poor performance, it is difficult for the UAE to win a big victory

  World Preliminary: UAE VS Malaysia

   Game time: 2021-6-4 Friday 00:45

   Race analysis:

   The Asian region of the World Cup qualifiers has launched many contests. At present, in the Asian region G group, the West Asian powerhouse UAE ranks second to last with 4 matches, 2 wins and 2 losses, and the qualifying situation is urgent. The United Arab Emirates made a good start to two consecutive victories in the group stage, but the following two away games in Thailand and Vietnam suffered two consecutive defeats, the team has lost the initiative to qualify. Malaysia temporarily ranked second in the group with 3 wins and 2 losses. In the first 5 games, Indonesia was double-killed. Another victory was defeating Thailand at home. Malaysia is not uncompetitive. It has the ability to be upset in this game.

   Index trend:

   Malaysia lost 1-2 at home to the United Arab Emirates in the first round, but Malaysia had a greater advantage in the whole game, shooting 12-6, with a ball possession rate of 60%-40%. This away game may not give up three points. The index has not yet opened. Judging from the first round of the game, the home team is expected to let 1.25. The UAE played in the preliminaries of the world and it is difficult to win.

   Lottery recommendation: (-1) 10

   Score suggestions: 1-1, 2-1