World Preliminary Lottery Recommendation: Brazil VS Ecuador

Power gap, Ecuador can hardly stop Brazil

   World Preliminaries: Brazil VS Ecuador

   Game time: 2021-6-5 Saturday 08:30

   Race analysis:

  South American World Preliminary Tournament, Brazil played against Edol at home. The Brazilian team maintained the lead in the first 4 rounds. Neymar scored 3 goals and assists 2 times in 4 games, while center forward Firmino also scored 3 goals. This time, the Brazilian squad Neymar and Firmino were all selected. Ecuador performed equally well in the first 4 World Preliminaries. In addition to losing 0-1 to Argentina in the first game, the team won 3 consecutive world preliminaries. In these 3 games, Ecuador scored 13 goals, beating Uruguay and Colombia twice. Support the strong team, and defeated the opponent 3-2 at home in the plateau of Boranlia, 3 victories were extremely gold.