Recommended by Nikkei B: Gunma Kusatsu Hot Spring VS Mito Hollyhock

Unfavorable water level, Mito Hollyhock is difficult to soak in hot springs

        Niche B: Gunma Kusatsu Hot Spring VS Mito Hollyhock

        Competition time: 2021-06-04 Friday 18:00

        European data: 3.60 3.20 2.10

        Competition analysis:

        On Friday night, the first round of the 17th round of the Japanese professional second team, Kusatsu Onsen drew with Tochigi SC in the last round. Although the league has been tied for two consecutive games, it cannot change the fact that the team has already won seven rounds. Kusatsu Onsen is already in the standings. Ranked 20th, in the quagmire of relegation, the only good thing is that the team has scored 3 draws and 1 loss in the past 4 games, and the overall resistance has rebounded. As long as this state can be maintained, the team still has points. Hope; Mito Hollyhock washed FC Ehime with 5 goals in the last round. The team used this big victory to end the two-game losing streak. The morale of the team is high. Now the team is ranked in the middle of the standings and wants to relegation early. Snakes and sticks must be hit. This campaign faces Kusatsu Hot Springs, and Mito Hollyhock naturally hopes to continue the victory track.

data analysis:

        In view of the big win of Mito Hollyhock last round, Asian institutions made a concession of -0.25 for them, and the water level is also good for the visiting team. However, as the market outlook changes, the visiting team’s water level continues to rise. Looking at the European guest wins data, it also rises along with the Asian data. , This is estimated to be related to the unstable state of Mito Hollyhock. In this case, the visiting team may be optimistic about the win.

        Score recommendation: 1:1 1:0

        Half-time recommendation: lose/tie draw/tie draw/win

        Winning and losing recommendation: 1/3

        Handicap wins and loses (+1) recommendation: 3