World Preliminary Lottery Recommendation: Uzbekistan VS Singapore

World Preliminaries: Uzbekistan VS Singapore

   Game time: 2021-6-8 Tuesday 02:00

   Race points:

In the World Preliminary Asian Group D event, Uzbekistan ranked second in the group with 5 matches, 3 wins and 2 losses, scored 12 goals, conceded 6 goals and 9 points, and Singapore ranked 4th in 6 matches, 2 wins, 1 draw, 3 losses and 7 points. This time Uzbekistan defeated Singapore 3-1 in the first round of the World Preliminaries.

   Uzbekistan’s home court ability is still quite good. The team has achieved 2 wins and 1 loss in the first 3 home games. Among them, against Saudi Arabia, the leader of the group, it has been leading until 86 minutes before being overtaken by the opponent. This defeat also made the team lose the initiative to qualify. Singapore is considered a third-rate team in Asia. Winning 2 games is already complete, and qualifying is basically impossible. In a World Preliminary Match on June 4, Singapore lost to Palestine with a 0-4 score as an away.

Trend analysis:

Judging from the first event, the home team allowed a three-goal match, and the strength of the two teams is quite different. Uzbekistan not only has to win, but also needs to fight for a goal difference to ensure the second place in the final result. Singapore’s guest Shadi and Burroughs both lost 3 goals or more. Uzbekistan is optimistic about winning 3 goals or more in this game.

  Recommended Lottery: (-3)31

   Score suggestions: 4-1, 4-0