Brazil’s top lottery recommendation: Palmeiras VS Chapecons

Disparity in strength, Palmeiras takes three points

        Brasil Division: Palmeiras VS Chapecons

        Start time: 2021-06-07 Monday 5:15

        European data: 1.25 5.00 9.00

        Competition analysis:

        In the early hours of Monday morning, the Brazilian League began. Palmeiras did not perform well last season. In the end, the team only ranked 7th in the standings and missed the Liberty Cup. With the arrival of the new season, Palmeiras also had bad luck In the first round, he faced the defending champion Flamengo, and finally swallowed a 0 to 1 defeat and suffered a league opener. Fortunately, the team won the Brazilian Cup in midweek to restore morale. This time, they faced Chapecons and Pa Hermelas is expected to take all three points; Chapecons will return to Brazil this season. The team’s goal is clear, that is, relegation. After all, their own strength is limited. The air crashes of the past few years have also caused the team. A bigger blow, the first round of the league this season was also swept by Bagantino 3-0, morale is also at a disadvantage, this game as a guest to visit Palestra Stadium, Chapecons is probably also more fortunate.

SP analysis:

        There is a big gap between the strengths of the two teams. The Asian organization made a -1.5 concession for Palmeis. The home team first participated in the middle water. The organization has a lot of confidence in Palmeis, but I would like to remind Palme. Russ’ recent firepower is unstable. Except for the 6-goal victory in the Freedom Cup, other wins rarely have more than 2 goals. With the background of the home team’s water level also rising, this game must beware of Palmela. Sri Lanka’s data suffers.

        Score prediction: 2:1 3:2

        Goal prediction: 3 goals/5 goals

        Prediction of Winning Lottery: 3

        Match lottery handicap wins and loses (-1) prediction: 1

Brazil’s top lottery recommendation: Fortaleza VS Brazil International

Keep going, Fortaleza grabs points at home

        Brazil First Division: Fortaleza VS Brazil International

        Competition time: 2021-06-07 Monday 3:00

        European data: 3.20 3.00 2.38

        Competition analysis:

        In the early hours of Monday morning, the second round of the Brazilian League continued. Fortaleza was tied by Ceara in the last round of the Brazilian Cup. The team is currently unbeaten in 10 consecutive games. In the first round of the Brazilian League, it also defeated the strong team Minai 2-1. Athletic Rodriguez successfully won the league start, and the overall state is maintained well. Fortaleza is expected to make persistent efforts again against the strong Brazilian International. The Brazilian International League was tied by Recife Sports in the first round, but could only take away 1 point. Fortunately, the team defeated Victoria 1-0 in the Brazilian Cup, and the team immediately gained confidence. The Brazilian International ranked second in the league last season. If it is to compete for the championship this season, the team must lay a solid foundation in the first half.

SP analysis:

        The Brazilian international still has a certain strength compared to Fortaleza. It can be seen that the Asian organization made a -0.25 concession for the visiting team, but it should be noted that even if the Brazilian international was strong last season, the team lost away against Fortaleza. Lost the game, not to mention that the team is still in form this season, and now the visiting team has a high water level, this game is still optimistic about Fortaleza’s undefeated.

        Score prediction: 2:1 1:1

        Goal prediction: 3 goals/2 goals

        Prediction of Winning and Losing in Sweeping Lottery: 3/1

        Prediction of handicap wins and losses (+1): 3

Recommended by the second post: Kanazawa VS Omiya Squirrel

Omiya squirrel retreats all over

        Japanese job second: Kanazawa VS Omiya Squirrel

        Competition time: 2021-06-06 Sunday 13:00

        European data: 2.50 3.10 2.88

        Competition analysis:

        At noon on Sunday, the Japanese vocational team played a good game. Kanazawa drove high and low this season. The team performed well at the beginning of the season. The first 6 games achieved a record of 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. However, after this period of high light, the ball The team has fallen into a series of invincible declines and continues to this day. Kanazawa’s morale has also fallen to a low point. Even if the scene is against Omiya Squirrels, Kanazawa may not be sure to take all three points; Omiya Squirrels have been relegated this season. The team, after 16 league rounds, has only won 2 games. At present, they have not won 11 consecutive rounds, and their state and morale have also fallen into a slump. According to this momentum, Omiya Squirrel will probably say goodbye to the second post this season.

data analysis:

        The recent situation of the two teams is unsightly. The Asian institutions made a tie for this game with excuses. The Omiya Squirrels have remained unbeaten in the past 8 matches against Kanazawa. They still have a certain psychological advantage. Water, the subsequent drop to low water, the data is still good for the visiting team, this game may wish to be optimistic about the undefeated Omiya Squirrel.

        Score recommendation: 1:1 0:1

        Half-time recommendation: Tie/Tie Ping/Negative Negative/Negative

        Winning and losing recommendation: 1/0

        Handicap wins and loses (-1) Recommendation: 0