Australia’s League One recommendation: Adelaide United VS Western Sydney Rangers

Concession to improve Adelaide United want to rebound

        Australia First Division: Adelaide United VS Western Sydney Rangers

        Game time: 2021-06-03 Thursday 17:35

        European data: 2.10 3.50 3.30

        Competition analysis:

        The Australian League continued on Thursday afternoon. Adelaide United lost 4-1 to Sydney FC in the last round. The team suffered a big defeat. The morale of the team declined. In the last 4 games, Adelaide United lost to Sydney FC. Only scored 2 wins and 2 losses, the state of ups and downs, even if against the Western Sydney Rangers, Adelaide United can not be taken lightly; the Western Sydney Rangers defeated Brisbane Roar 2-0 last round, the league After successfully ending the three-game losing streak, this game is naturally at an advantage in morale. Now the Western Sydney Rangers are still 3 points away from the playoff qualification zone, but the Brisbane Roar, who is the last in the qualification zone, is currently in a few matches. In the first round, the Western Sydney Rangers have to hope that their opponents will not win if they want to enter the qualification zone. The hope is quite slim.

data analysis:

        Adelaide United lost to Sydney FC at home in the last round. However, the team played well at home and remained unbeaten for 8 consecutive home games. Although the team is currently in the playoffs qualifying zone, it still has been overtaken. Possibly, in order to ensure the qualifications as soon as possible, this game must go all out. Asian institutions made a -0.25 concession for Adelaide United, and the market outlook rose to -0.5 concessions. The organization has sufficient support for the home team. This game may wish to be optimistic about Adelaide. German United won again.

        Score recommendation: 3:0 3:1

        Half-time recommendation: win/win, draw/win, lose/win

        Winning and losing recommendation: 3

        Handicap wins and draws (-1) Recommendation: 3